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Theology and Religious Studies Department at the University of Glasgow/School of Critical Studies, Scotland, United Kingdom. This Department is “the oldest subject area at the University of Glasgow; taught since the foundation of the University in 1451. This heritage is reflected in the valuable University Collections of historical texts and manuscripts which constitute a major resource for researchers and students.”

SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics-Digital Humanities+ (DH+). “Since 2018, the Digital Humanities+ research group of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, at Lausanne-Switzerland, fosters the collaboration between Humanities and Bioinformatics researchers around Digital Humanities research projects. Digital Humanities activities have started at Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics in 2015 and have led to open an internal group in October 2018. As a European research partner, DH+ has participated in the H2020 project OPERAS-P on open access (2019-2021). It also develops projects on publication like the eTalks, and on New Testament manuscripts, like the SNSF Swiss National Science Foundation PRIMA project MARK16.”